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Where culture and strategy collide

Two great articles this week that highlight two *very* different companies:

First, the WSJ had a fascinating piece in late December on Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. The article looks at the impact of Bridgewater policies like "radical transparency" (all meetings are recorded and can be reviewed by other staff) and its effort to transform its 210 operating principles into a smart-software solution that will guide its employees actions. This is a deep dive into a quirky, controlling and enormously successful firm.

Bridgewater founder, Ray Dalio, took issue with the WSJ's characterization of the firm in an interview with Business Insider. That's worth a look, too. Dalio argues his management model and culture could work for many other orgs.

This week's other article is a Bloomberg piece the rise of Emirates. This is another very successful culture with a lot of rules. Flight attendants live with guidance that include the shade of lipstick they can wear. The article tells how the airline capitalized on its advantages (2/3 of the planet lives within an 8 hour flight of Dubai, and the company has the full support of the absolute monarch who rules the country) to put both Dubai and Emirates on the map. Fascinating.

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