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Weiner on best qualities, Baldwin on Globalization & the Jealousy List

This essay from LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner on the three qualities he most appreciates in his colleagues: Dream big. Get shit done. And know how to have fun. Terrific.

This interview with Richard Baldwin, the author of The Global Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization, on the coming wave of disruption that will be driven by telepresence and telerobotics.

“A better understanding of globalization is more urgent than ever, Baldwin says, because the third and most disruptive phrase is still to come. Technology will bring globalization to the people-centric service sector, upending far more jobs in rich countries than the decline in manufacturing has in recent decades. (In the UK, the service sector accounts for almost 80% of the economy; less than 10% of US jobs are in manufacturing.) The disruption won’t come because people will move more freely across borders, but because technologies will provide ‘a substitute for being there,’ Baldwin says.”

The Jealousy List. Every year, Bloomberg publishes the Jealousy List - a collection of all the really great articles published elsewhere they wish they written. For fans of long form journalism, it’s a goldmine.

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