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The power of trust & an amazingly predictive story from 1909.

E.M. Forester wrote a story in 1909 that should be a must-read for people who are interested in the Internet and artificial intelligence. It's a dystopian tale called The Machine Stops. In it, Forester predicts a host of modern technologies that we wouldn't see for another 80 to 100 years. He urges us to think carefully before we hand over too much of our individual sovereignty to machines in the name of ease. I can't believe this is over a hundred years old. It reads like something from the golden age of SF.

Harvard Prof, Amy Cuddy shares how each person you meet instantly evaluates you and rates two qualities: your trustworthiness and your competence. She argues compellingly that the former matters much more than the latter. If they don't trust you, it doesn't really matter how competent they think you are. Words of wisdom...

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