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DHH on Life & Business, Steve Newcomb's Cult Creation

Two excellent podcasts to recommend this week.

1. THE TIM FERRISS SHOW. Tim's interview with David Heinemeir Hansson aka "DHH" is terrific. DHH is a programmer (creator of Ruby on Rails and a co-founder of the project management software Basecamp). He's also a Le Mans-winning race car driver. He's exasperatingly productive. He talks about how he gets all this stuff done while working 40 hours a week or less. Also talks about running a tech company without venture capital and having Jeff Bezos as an investor.

He also talks about Stoic philosophy and how to construct a life that makes you happy.

Good stuff.

2. ANGELLIST RADIO. Tyler Willis interviews Steve Newcomb. Steve built and sold the company that became Microsoft Bing. He's also the author of Cult Creation - all about lessons learned about culture and hiring learned creating startups. There's a new version out on this now here. After listening to this, it's on my to-be-read list.

Steve is a big believer in the disproportionate value in recruiting the employees he calls "A+" people. He talks about how he persuades them to join and why they matter. Lots of good stuff about interviewing people, too.

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